If you are someone who travels a lot or maybe wants to go somewhere soon, I would suggest getting a credit card that you can start accruing miles on.

If you already have a credit card, make sure it is one that accrues miles! I believe it is the key to traveling! I am not telling you to get a credit card if you don’t already have one though…they can be dangerous.

Depending on which card you have there are a lot of benefits (miles for flights/hotels, airport club access, GOES, etc). You do have to spend the money to get the miles though.

Just a tip, I personally feel you should have one that accrues points on all airlines. If you get one that is specific to just one airline, finding a mileage flight can be limiting.

If you want any suggestions or more information on how I book all our flights I am happy to do a post that goes into more details.


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