I am very fortunate to be able to travel as much as I do. Over time, I have learned what travel accessories I can’t travel without. All of these items below are very affordable and truly do make such a difference when you travel.

  1. Cable Ties: When checking your bag in (for an international trip or domestic trip) this is what I ALWAYS do. You may choose to use a TSA approved lock or you may be someone who does not lock it at all. I suggest using a cable tie of an unusual color (yellow?). Why you may ask? First off, if for some reason they do need to get into your bag, they can just clip it off and there is no harm. From my understanding though, if they do, they leave a TSA inspection note. But….if you use a cable tie and it is clipped off you know someone was in your bag, and they most likely don’t have the same colored cable tie to replace it. I actually learned this trick from my father-in-law, Werner. (*Make sure you bring extra ones for your flight home)
  2. Pill Organizer: This will change your life! I now keep it in my purse at all times. I bought this because we travel to such remote locations at times and you never know what upset stomach, airplane germs, etc. you might get. When you are on vacation the last thing you want to happen is to get sick, but let’s face it, sometimes it happens. This will help!
  3. Universal Travel Strip: We love these! Mario and I actually both have our own and they are not expensive at all. You take this extension cord, plug it into your adapter, and then plug it into your wall, done! Maybe this is better when you are going somewhere more remote, and you have limited outlets in your room? It is nice though, because you can plug your phone into the USB plug, charge your camera battery, laptop, etc. all in one place/at one time. Bonus, it is Universal!
  4. Sleep Mask: This sleep mask is amazing! What makes this sleep mask so nice is that its eyehole cups are so deep. So ladies, if you are wearing mascara it doesn’t smoosh your eyelashes all weird. It is also a blackout sleep mask and has a velcro head strap. Yes please!
  5. Travel Cubes: I feel like most people these days have either heard of these or use them already, but this makes packing so easy! I am someone who likes things really organized and also someone who likes to fully unpack when I get somewhere, so these make me so happy! The little things right? I will put all undergarments in one, pants in one, shirts in one, sometime even electronics in one. They come in all different sizes and colors to. Trust me, these are amazing!
  6. Sleep Headphones: We discovered these on our first big trip together! I happened to find the exact ones we have on Amazon. I love my Bose headphones, but on the longer hauls I like to sleep. When I feel myself falling asleep, I switch to these headphone to be able to still watch TV, but fall asleep more comfortably. They have bluetooth ones, but for the airplanes tv’s you still need a cord.
  7. Flexible Water Bottle: Honestly, I only really use these for alcohol. There are some countries we visit where we know that certain types of alcohol are pricier or some other weird rules…so these are key! Just put whatever type of alcohol you like in it (I tape the top just incase), and then place it in a plastic bag. You also don’t add as much weight to your checked bag as you would have with a bottle of something.

If you happen to have any of these or buy any of them let me know how they work for you.


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