I am a crazy person when it comes to what I put on my skin! I have found what works for my face, or at least what has been working for me for the past 6 months.

My favorite brands for my nightly routine are IMAGE skincare, iS Clinical, Lancôme, Almay and Labello. Below are the exact products I use.

I have used these brands above for a long time now, but I finally figured out the trick on what I do with my cleansers. My nightly routine is very simple…

  1. Before I begin cleaning my skin, I first take off my mascara. I use waterproof mascara, so these eye makeup pads are truly everything to me.
  2. After my eye makeup is off I start cleansing my face, with either IMAGE or iS Clinical. I don’t use the same cleanser every nigh though. I have noticed that when I switch up the routine it keeps my face guessing (I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it works for me).
  3. Then I cut one of the IMAGE clarifying pads into fours and use just one of them on and around my nose.
  4. After my face is dried from the two steps above, I put on the Lancôme moisturizer (I know it is for the day time, but I use it for night as well).
  5. Last step of the night is to put on my Labello. I learned about this from Mario and his family. It is made in Germany and Austria. It’s is my favorite!

Let me know what some of your favorite products are for the night.


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